Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy of www.craftribal.com and our customers. This describes the information we collect from you to provide effortless and efficient service. 

  1. Personal Information : Craftribal collects certain personal information like your name, email id, phone number, etc. This is to provide you with the best experience. We use this information to identify our users, process orders and avoid any scope of security and identity frauds. 
  1. Device Details : Basic device details like your IP address, web browser, location, cookies etc. are also collected. This is done to collect data for analytics and statistical purposes. This may also be used for providing you with personalised promotions.
  1. Commercial Information : This site DOES NOT store your sensitive information like payment details, card numbers, CVVs and PINS. All payments and checkouts are done via third party portals and payment gateways. The only information we may store is your mode of payment and bank used for the sole purpose of analytics. 
  1. Communication Information : We do not store any of your call records. Whatsapp chats (or communication via any other such application) are stored for a limited amount of time to keep your orders and preferences on track. Craftribal ensures you that these chats are of course kept between you and us and we always keep these secure. These chats are normally deleted after a certain amount of time. 
  1. Social Media Reviews and Testimonials : Your reviews and testimonials are important incentives for us. We may choose to reshare these testimonials (only those which have been posted on social media platforms publicly) on our social media platforms and website for our engagement. 

Apart from these, below are a few of our guidelines regarding security of the users surfing our website: 

  1. Data Sharing : Craftribal DOES NOT share any of your information with third parties in exchange of money. We are very cautious with the data of our users and always ensure that we comply with the official regulations regarding such purposes. 
  1. Notifications : Users can enjoy personalised offers and promotions if they sign up for our email subscription. However, this is in NO WAY a compulsion. Users can choose to not sign up for this and continue enjoying our services. You can also opt out of our email subscription if you wish to at any point of time. 
  1. Cookies : Like all other sites, we too use cookies to improve user experiences. The use of cookies provides a personalised experience for users and also speeds up the website loading procedures. We follow the cookies policy set up by external parties like Google and Facebook. You can check the privacy policy for Google and Facebook for reference.
  1. External Links and Pop-Ups : Although, we actively ensure that no unverified and insecure links and pop-ups hamper user experiences, we advise users to be cautious on their parts when clicking on external links. Craftribal will not be liable for any damage or problems caused due to external links. 
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