In the very spirit of tribal craft, our articles are made from eco-friendly material: clay, mud and recycled glass. The earthly vibes and earthen smell are imbedded in each of our products and we are strictly against hazardous raw materials and machinery which suck out the fun and limit estimations and out of the box thinking. We have a wide variety of products and we have something for all age groups. Our products can make the hearts of children and adults leap with joy irrespective of age.  

Meet The Souls of Craftribal

Palak Palia

With a strong admiration for great visuals, Palak Palia’s chief interests are and have always been photography and travelling. She truly appreciates the efforts that go into creating good pictures and is the one behind the spellbinding product images on the website and all other social platforms. Apart from photography, she wishes to be a benefactor for the tribals who create such handcrafted products. Apart from the initiative of Craftribal, she also pursues food blogging for fun along with Mohit under the alias of ‘Petty Pioneers’. Her love for travel is contagious and is what led to her realising the weakening condition of nomad craft and Indian culture.

Mohit Raghav

A hotelier by profession, Mohit Raghav is well-versed in fashion and decor. He is a patron of art and firmly believes that creativity starts in the mind but the sky’s the limit. Craftribal is the brainchild of his out of the box mindset. His dear love for entrepreneurship drives his aspirations and ambitions in life. However, Craftribal is more than a business, it is social help. It is Mohit’s way of showcasing the art of tribal workers to the world. Instead of pity, his feelings towards handcraft are empathetic and he wishes to support and promote such artwork of Indian ‘nomads’. He controls the financial management for the initiative and makes sure that creativity is not compromised under any circumstances.

Sarthak Raghav

Craftribal’s Content Creator and Content Writing handled and managed by Sarthak.
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Rejuvenating Indian Culture

Ceramics and Handiworks are not just products but an art and looking for the perfect design that fits your choice can be tough work.  Well we here at Craftribal have done the tough work for you. We let you jump directly to the exciting part and bring to you a never-ending range of handicrafts each different than the one before. The distinguishing feature of handicrafts is always the rough and uneven finish of raw hands and we firmly believe in embracing it. What the world calls defects, we call it creativity. We seldom discard and trivial faults in a small portion of our products remains as it symbolizes the integrity of Handwork.